Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 1. The Promise

It would have been good to start this on the 1st but it's close enough!
I start this with a great big sigh looking at the flashing icon awaiting some sort of entry. Now I laugh feeling sort of silly just sort of diving into this randomly and spontaneously without some sort of game plan.

Now what?
I know sort of what to achieve but not sure of how to go about it. My grammar sucks, I want to improve. I asked a writer friend how can I learn to write well, I have a lot to share but my thoughts are scattered all over the map and I have the technical writing skills of a grade schooler (if that).
Advice given: Just start writing and keep writing!

My objective here is to document, what I perceive a very challenging journey to fulfil a promise I made to my incredibly amazing daughter, that being... "to love me" or to love myself!
I've never made a promise to her before and she was moved that this was the 1st one, but I felt I owed it to her.
I've tried to venture on this journey before ohhhh so many times to only wind up on the highway of self sabotage.
The problem is, every time I attempt this journey, I keep winding up on that fucking highway. I' apologize for profanity I may use in my Blog. I resisted at 1st but thought fuck it I can't suppress myself at risk of offending anyone.. I really need to let go and speak it real.

Each day I want to move forward to hopefully repair the damage I've done to myself and to others, no matter how great or small and/or achieve something very constructive that will benefit myself/others and in turn.. hopefully my daughter.
She is my source of inspiration and I am humbled by her beautiful heart, mind and soul.

Ok.. Now that this can is open, It's a start.
I've been struggling all day at one of todays tasks...invoicing for work done over 6 months ago! Sad eh?

Sincerely, Steve GB

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  1. I'm gonna say that if you don't want to invoice, then hire it done. It'll be cheaper in the long run.
    Your writing adviser gave good advice. Too many people try to correct their mistakes too soon. Neither proofreading nor editing can be done while writing without causing harm to the thought.

    As for affairs of the heart, I'll stay out of it.